Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Billwill have the surgical proicedure tomorrowand Thursday, hopefully he will get out of isolation and come home. He will beon antibiotic therapy for 10 days and will have to stay in for 10 days.Yes, Tammy and Chris do have their hands full. I guess Chris losing his job came at a pretty good time as he has to do the running of them to Daycare and school and to the doctor etc. Chris has substituted at the local elementary school the last few days. I cannot picture him in a class with 2o kindergarden kids. Brandon is getting to finish up his student teaching for his master"s. He is teaching special education students at Gainesville High and so far has been impressed with the school system. He said the discipline is so much better there than at the last school. His supervisorwants him to apply to teach next year so I think that he is going to. Alicia is working for Walmart now and helping him with Coffee news. She is getting ready for the wedding. The dresses are suppose to be in April 4th. I am holping Mimi and Papaw can come. We may bring them. Papaw is back on Coumadin as he has started back with the aria fibrillation. We had planned to go this weekend but Bill is quarantined now. Take care Pat


sara jackson said...

You all sound very busy. We are praying for a quick recovery for Uncle Bill. I hope too that Meme and Papa will be able to come for the wedding. It will be great to see you all and them too. I love the updates. Keep 'em coming!!

MJN6 said...

Sure hope Bill will be better soon. Norman is sick with bronchitis. Keep us posted. Love MJN

Missy said...

We got to get you a keyboard that has a space key that works! I was glad to hear that daddy was back home and doing better. I hope you guys can make it over this weekend for Garett's birthday.